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Zhucheng, China Steel Machinery Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully on-line!

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Zhucheng , China Steel Machinery Co., Ltd. , is located in a beautiful environment, beautiful scenery and outstanding hometown of Emperor Shun , Chinese Dragon , the hundred counties --- Zhucheng .
       Chinese steel company is the production of food machinery , rubber machinery, tire mold manufacturers.
       Chinese steel company is a professional manufacturer of meat processing equipment sentinel manufacturers , Meatball Machine and meatballs cooking assembly line production base , is a mechanical design, manufacturing, sales and experienced companies. The company has in the meat processing machinery strong technical force , advanced production technology , supporting a full range of production equipment , over the years , developed a series of users engaged in meat products suitable for large , medium and small equipment. Business customers across the country to cities and towns and foreign users .

        Chinese steel company's flagship product : smoked furnace, Tumbler , chopping machine , saline injection machine , meat grinder, ball machine, sausage machine, mixer, beater , vacuum packing machine, frying machines, leisure food machinery , meat processing equipment and vegetable processing equipment.
Chinese steel companies also produce rubber machinery, tire molds , pre-vulcanized tire retreading equipment of professional manufacturers, tire retreading industry, scientific research, production , sales and service in one , and also the refurbished equipment production enterprises.

        Chinese steel company has a team of experienced technicians and advanced processing equipment and scientific quality assurance system. Made of high quality material , the use of CAD computer-aided design , absorb domestic and foreign advanced production technology, production of tire molds, rubber machinery and equipment , the majority of customers of all ages . Chinese steel company's main products are : steel , semi-steel radial tire mold ; bias tire mold , tire retreading equipment , pre-vulcanized retreading equipment. Over the years , in order to enhance their market competitiveness, I plant various domestic and foreign counterparts learned advanced technology and experience , developed a good performance, reasonable structure , convenient operation , beautiful appearance , reasonable price and a full set of pre-vulcanization refurbished equipment .

         A full set of tire retreading equipment includes: autoclave, inflatable grinding machine, tread pressure machine, packet envelope changer , wheel disassembly machines, plastic extrusion machines, mixing pulp machine , vacuum cleaner, tire conveyor frame . Tire retreading products sold outside the country more than twenty provinces and cities , but also exported to Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries. China steel tire retreading equipment company enjoys a high reputation in the market retread tires , retread tires manufactured product quality but also by the majority of users praise.
    Chinese steel company will be market -oriented to quality and reputation for the development of ideas , constantly using the advanced technology , research and development is more suitable for China 's high-quality products , based on the market , service users, in order to get better results to return to the community . China Steel staff always full of enthusiasm , sincere cooperation , win-win business philosophy, warmly welcome new and old customers to guide negotiations.

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