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Vacuum Tumbler Machi

Vacuum Tumbler Machine

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Vacuum Tumbler

Name:Vacuum Tumbler
Details :        Vacuum Tumbler is in a vacuum state , the impact of the use of physical principles , let the meat flip up and down in the cylinder , hit each other , beat , to massage , pickled effect, so that a uniform absorption of pickled meat , meat knot improved focus and products flexibility through tumbling , body massage can be decomposed into water-soluble protein of protein , easily absorbed , and can add material ( starch, etc. ) and body protein fused to each other in order to achieve the meat becomes tender and good taste , the export rate. The machine has a lung respiratory function , so that expansion of the product in the drum , reducing the reciprocal movement to improve the structure of the flesh tissue , the effect of improving the section .
        Automatic Vacuum Tumbler addition to a vacuum breathing Tumbler features , it also has inverter technology features that make tumbling process be adjusted according to the number of revolutions , the machine safer , more convenient, more energy- efficient. The machine made of stainless steel , compact structure, both ends of the drum spinning closure cap structure , beating the biggest increase in space inside the drum , so that the effect of tumbling product uniformity , low noise, reliable performance and higher efficiency.
        Vacuum Tumbler can be obtained using the following effects :
1 . So that raw meat marinated in a uniform liquid absorbing 2 . Enhanced adhesion of the meat , the meat improving flexibility 3 . Produce meat slices to ensure , to prevent crushing the slice gap 4 . Increase water retention, improve yield 5. Soft and structure to improve product stability.

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